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About Our Trigger Point Services

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At Still Point Osteopathic Care in Castle Rock, CO, we offer trigger point administration to help alleviate pain and restore mobility. Our dedicated doctors take the time to truly listen to your concerns and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Trigger points are knots of tight muscles that can cause localized pain and can lead to referred pain in other areas of the body. Trigger point administrations involve the careful insertion of a small needle into these specific points to deliver medication directly to the affected area. The medication can help relax the muscles, relieve pain, and improve overall function.

Our team of highly skilled doctors understands that each patient is unique, and we take a comprehensive approach to addressing your pain. By identifying the trigger points contributing to your discomfort and administering targeted medicine, we aim to provide you with effective and long-lasting relief.

If you are living with the constant discomfort of trigger points, don't wait any longer to seek relief. Contact Still Point Osteopathic Care in Castle Rock, and let our doctors help you find the relief you deserve.


WHY We Use Trigger Point Administration:

The myofascial trigger point is a frequent cause of pain and loss of function. A trigger point is a tender spot in a muscle that can cause local or distant (also called referred) pain, poor joint motion, and other troubling symptoms.

We recognize and look for trigger points as a possible cause of your symptoms. If trigger points do not resolve with simple measures such as manipulation or self-stretching, we turn to trigger point. We inject a small amount of local anesthetic (like lidocaine) to calm the irritated muscle.

Combined with self-stretching, trigger point administrations help to reduce pain, improve function, and get you back to the things you love.


What Can Trigger Point Administrations Treat?

FAQs: Trigger Point 

What Should I Do After A Trigger Point Service?

After a trigger point administration, you should stay well-hydrated and avoid doing any strenuous activity for the next 24 hours. You should continue stretching the area frequently, as recommended by your provider. Warm compresses may be used to help with soreness.

How Often Do I Need Trigger Point?

How often you need a trigger point service will depend on how you respond. After an administration, you should be re-evaluated to determine what effect it had on your symptoms and for how long. Successive trigger point services may be required to achieve longer-lasting relief. Additionally, your trigger points may change or move after treatment as layers of myofascial pain are peeled away.

Is a Trigger Point Service Painful?

Yes, but not for long. There is the initial stick of a needle, and many people experience a temporary increase in pain as we inject lidocaine. As the lidocaine quickly takes effect, this pain becomes a dull ache, and most people feel only mildly sore the next day.

What our patients are saying about us

The care of Dr. Maples has been extraordinary

"The year I have spent under the care of Dr. Maples has been extraordinary. I began seeing him a year ago after being treated for nearly a year for plantar fasciitis. I underwent physical therapy as well as hands-on medicine which brought little or no relief. I was referred to Dr. Maples by a podiatrist to try manipulation as a last-ditch effort before surgery. After two visits, I was remarkably better! I continue to see him for “tune-ups” and have remained relatively symptom-free.

- Samantha R.

Truly improved the quality of my life

"I have been in the healthcare profession for many years and I can say without reservation that Dr. Maples possesses a rare blend of exceptional knowledge and compassion – – qualities that have become rare in today’s healthcare system. I will continue to see Dr. Maples after his residency is completed as he has improved not only a specific malady, but has truly improved the quality of my life."

- Nolan C.

I couldn't believe how much better I felt!

"Dr. Maples took over my care offered a new set of standards, and presented me with options that would permanently fix a lifelong problem when adjustments and exercises didn't substantially improve my condition after about six months. I was injured at 11 years old, and I honestly thought my SI joint was always going to bother me. I couldn't believe how much better I felt, after only two weeks with Dr. Maples and his team. I have felt like I've been constantly accumulating injuries as I get older, and it will be great to be a middle-aged person in better shape than I was in my twenties thanks to the guidance and care of Dr. Maples."

- Kaya S.

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