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Why We Don't Bill Your Insurance Directly

We can all agree the current American Healthcare system is challenged. Some of those challenges are the amount of time you actually get with your doctor in an insurance-based system, and insurance dictating how/when/where you get how much care they decide you get to have.

We’re stepping outside that system, and focusing on maximizing your health and well-being instead of visit numbers and billing. As options, you can use your HSA/FSA funds for the whole visit, or pay by card/check/etc. and we can give you what you need to submit to your insurance.

What do you get for that? More time with your doctor, and more say in your care. Your first visit at Still Point Osteopathic Care is usually an hour or more of face-to-face time with Dr. Maples, and follow-ups usually over a half hour. There’s no extra steps throughout the clinic, he comes and gets you from the living room-style waiting area and your visit is with him. And instead of having to let your insurance tell us when you can come back, or how many times, or what you have to do instead, we can listen to you - and make a joint decision based on your health, how you feel, and what works for you.

So yes, our clinic is outside the norm, but so is our care.

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